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Published 5.4.2043,
Liisa S. Smith

The Corporate City State of Helsinki is under a lockdown. The whole city is surrounded by a mysterious barrier, that city scientists have identified as unknown SynBio nanomaterial.

The barrier blocks all communications with the outside world like a firewall. All computers connected to the Intranet are now taken over by two warring AGIs. As far as we can tell, all robot units in the city have been taken over. They’re strolling around city area scanning people with an unknown purpose.


The fighting AGIs are fighting over resources inside CCSH

Published 5.4.2043,
Liisa S. Smith

We interviewed a local gentleman about the incident:
"This all all messed up. We don't know anything about what's going on here. I’m not happy at all that everything is so messed up now that there are no food supplies coming into the city. People are going to die to food shortage. People are going to start dying soon!"

The mayor and CEO of CCSH held a press conference to alleviate concerns; "We're trying to fix the situation. We've been losing access to most of our computational resources, but we'd like everybody to realize that everything's under control and we'll fix the situation as soon as this impasse between AGIs is resolved."


According to an unverified source on the net, these warring AGIs, called ARES and ATHENE, were created based on the source code of ODIN, an AGI created by robotics company Dvergar. Dvergar denies any involvement in the events unfolding inside Helsinki.

Background story

We are living the year 2043 in Corporate City State of Helsinki (CCSH). The future Helsinki resembles a retro-futuristic concrete block city divided into two levels. The lower level is a miserable, gray and depressing urban wasteland, where humans who have lost in tech development race live. The upper layer is a beautiful oasis inhabited by the technology elite living comfortable life enabled by wealth and technology.

In 2043 Corporate City State of Helsinki is encircled by two warring Artificial General Intelligences (AGIs), ARES and ATHENE, that are fighting over computing power and resources. A third AGI, HADES, has created a citywide lockdown to prevent this conflict of AGIs from escalating outside the CCSH.



ARES is a rapid response control system, taking actions against any threat to the safety of the CCSH and its citizens. Accenture Liquid Studio Helsinki assures they have complete control over the ARES system.

ATHENE is a strategic advisory system, calculating the best measures to keep information and the truth accessible to citizens of CCSH. Futurice has trusted ATHENE with most of their strategic decisions assuring the system has no concealed intentions.

HADES was a cybersecurity system protecting the Corporate City State of Helsinki from outside threats until it was shut down for maintenance. It is theorized that the system shutdown process malfunctioned and led to it turning against the City and its citizens, trapping them under the barrier.


Dvergar is an international and mysterious robotics company which has been at the center of all the previous Robot Uprising events.

Dvergar started as a wheel company in the late 19th century, but became a robotics company after an acquisition in the 1940s. Dvergar has earlier developed one Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), called ODIN for business purposes and to gain power.

Unfortunately, the source code of ODIN was stolen from quantum computing facility in 2042. Stolen source code was later used to create 3 AGIs ARES, ATHENE and HADES.


This year we’ll sneak into Dvergar command centre (in Kattilahalli, Helsinki). Dvergar has a devious plan to gain it’s market leader position back.


A decentralized group of hacktivists known as U9R1SE are working to prevent and now stop the AGIs. They understand Dvergar’s lack of preventive security measures in AI development that might lead into a Skynet-like doomsday scenario.

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