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Robot Uprising is an unique opportunity to meet the most creative programmers, robotics enthusiasts and futuristic designers. Robot Uprising is facilitated in a way that partners and participants will have a genuine chance to network and get to know each other.

We offer several different ways to participate in Robot Uprising hackathon as a partner. As a main partnership we offer an important role as the lead of one of the robotics teams. This creates team spirit as our partner is facing same challenges as the team! We also offer customized partnerships according to your company’s situation.


An opportunity to create

As a team lead you have the opportunity to host your own team that consists of Robot Uprising participants. You get to build robots together and of course battle for the win.


As a partner you also get rock solid recruiting leads whose programming skills you get to witness first hand. Several people have been recruited in our past events.


You gain visibility as a forerunner company who understands what’s hot in the tech world. Your logo will be visible in our marketing materials and of course during the event.

Ask for partnering possibilities!


Juho Kostet

Juho Kostet
Project Manager


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