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The future is here. Many of the technological limitations weighing down civilizations have been surpassed and new solutions, new technologies and new unknowns have become possible. But what are they and how do they transform the world?

Future Visions is a three-day hackathon experience for multidisciplinary teams, aimed to create concepts or designs that demonstrate what happens when certain technological barriers are broken. At the end of the 48-hour run you get to launch a future product or service based on the combined perspectives of your team, the tools offered by the challenge and the futuristic Robot Uprising atmosphere.

Future Visions is aimed to illustrate the wild solutions of the world of tomorrow in meticulous detail. It is meant for all those interested in what happens after fiction is removed from science, whether your point of view is technology, science, design, society, or psychology. Join the ranks of the future geeks in the most extravagant setting of the year to discover the artifacts of the future!

Fast protos - AI strategies - Artifacts of tomorrow

Future-themed challenge for the fearless talents 11-13.10.2019 Kattilahalli, Suvilahti

Design business driven solutions for Uprise-inspired future scenarios in 48 hours.
Define, design, innovate and impress.

50 Multidisciplinary talents
10 Individual teams
1-3 Challenge partners

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Partners: TBA