a global megacorporation

A small wheel manufacturing company turns into a global megacorporation. Corporate Chronology, CEO says company has come a long way!

Dvergar has signed a $1bn deal buying off it’s two competitors.

20.06.2037, 12:00, Daniel Olsen, Future News


Originally, having started as a wheel manufacturer Dvergar has been around for quite some time. Founding CEO Dverg Hagar had a vision that his company would someday become a major wheel supplier. But little did know that his nephew would go on to turn it into a global conglomerate.


After acquiring Honda and ABB on its 120th anniversary Dvergar turned into a serious brand in the field. Last Monday 12th of June, Dvergar’s CEO Rolf Hansen came public with the latest news of yet another merger that consolidated all the major electronics and robotics companies under the umbrella of Dvergar Industries.


The biggest part of the merger was Dvergar striking a deal with QBotix and SoftBank which gave it a dominating position in the market.  


”This is a major milestone for us”  Hansen stated. It is widely known that Rolf Hansen has been trying close this deal with Softbank ever since they lost the merger negotiations over Boston Dynamics in 2017.


It is humbling to see what we have achieved and managed to bring to our customers. The future of robotics is here and we would like you to share this future with us.” - Rolf Hansen

Dvergar Co.

Small-scale multipurpose robotics company

Founded in Norway 1886

Head Quaters located in Viikki, Helsinki, Finland

87 mrd. Eur revenue

CEO: Rolf Hansen

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