The Diary

21 October 2043

I’m not sure how to start this but I’ve decided to begin writing a diary to make sense of all the chaos that’s happening in the world. It’s now been a week since the tower fell and the barrier exploded. 

It’s crazy how much the world can change. One day you think the worst has passed and the next you get to run for your life to avoid the shards falling from the sky. If only people would have heeded the warnings about AI, this could all have been avoided… Sometimes the people in power really piss me off!!! They should have put more restrictions on it from the beginning.

22 October 2043

I’ve heard that people living on the lower levels of the city have started rioting against people living on the surface. I feel sad for them. To think that they were not able to see the sun just because of their education level and the economy is absolutely absurd. Of course, the government kept this fact very hidden right until everything started falling apart… 

No one should be kept from seeing the sun. 

(However.. It’s not okay that they are just trashing the whole city. )

I can really feel a black aura forming in the city. The streets are empty, and as no technology works no one knows what is happening. The uncertainty is ripping this city apart. I’m afraid if I stay too long I’ll be dragged into something bigger than I’m capable of handling right now. Tomorrow I’m going to go to my office and get my stuff and try and head out to Turku. I have relatives there. Hopefully, there isn’t as much chaos as here.

23 October

Today was a very eventful day, to say the least. I started the day as planned by walking to my office building to get my gear. The saying you never value something until it’s taken away was quite fitting because I had always taken some form of public transport to get to my office but they are all broken now. 

The fallen tower had completely crushed the bridge between sector G6 and G5 which left me with no choice but to take the tunnels. That proved to be a big mistake. Apparently people from the lower levels had been gathering there and they sure didn’t like someone who looked like they lived on the higher levels in the city. I really had to be invisible when going through there.

The skyscraper where I have my office has taken quite a toll. Many windows are broken and the top of the building is trashed from the debris fallen from the barrier. Luckily my office was unharmed. 

It’s actually quite relaxing sitting here again. It feels like ages since Me… and Roi sat here editing our client projects. My last illustration was for some coffee company. Too bad that nothing works now except my trusty pencil. I really wonder how Roi is doing. He’s probably hyped to be in a real-life apocalypse movie.

24 October

I made a friend! I think. 

When exiting the office building I noticed a woman walking on the broken bridge leading down from my office building. She seemed to be talking to a phone, and she didn’t look at all like the people rioting in the tunnels, so I approached her to see If she had some connection outside Helsinki. But just as I approached her the ground under her started crumbling. Thankfully I was able to grab her in time. I think that’s the first time I’ve saved a life! 

She said her name is Tiera and she apparently works as a civil engineer for the city. She told me that some energy waves had caused something to break inside all computers and all kinds of other really complex things which I really didn’t understand. Though I understood that she was trying to reconnect the city’s Intranet or something. And apparently the thing she had in her hand wasn’t a phone but some old audio recorder. 

I decided to stick with Tiera for the day as she said there might be some Utility vehicles that worked with gasoline at a maintenance station nearby. Though she wasn’t sure if they had some electronics inside that would have been fried in the barrier explosion. 

I really don’t understand how oblivious she is to all the chaos happening in the city. It’s like she doesn’t care a bit about the crazy atmosphere in the city and just focuses on finding solutions to problems. I guess she is an engineer so it might make sense? Or maybe that’s just a blatant stereotype. Who knows.

We decided to take a break on top of a house that’s close to the maintenance station. Believe me when I say that I really hadn’t understood the scale of the destruction in the city until climbing up on that roof. What I saw was the most beautifully devastating view I’ve ever seen. An amazingly beautiful sunset, casting it’s rays down on the fallen tower. And the debris of the tower scattered around, broken buildings everywhere. Probably killing an unimaginable amount of people. 

I’m lucky to somehow have managed to stay alive during these crazy times.