The Fall

14.10.2043 # Audio transcript 002637

Today I woke up to a city in ruins. I seem to have blacked out yesterday, can’t remember anything that happened. Everywhere around me, there are damaged buildings and people crying around the bodies of their loved ones. The streets are filled with some glass-like glimmering shards, that feel like some kind of plastic, but quickly crumble into a fine dust when touched. 

I need to figure out what’s going on. I’ll probably find more information in one of the Data Stores. The more scientific I can get about what’s happening here, the more I can try to figure out what I should be doing next.

So far I haven’t found a single working access point, the whole CCSH intranet must be down. I must get into a maintenance station, but the streets are way too crowded and restless. The gates to the lower levels must have been opened.

I didn’t notice it at first, but the dome that was around Helsinki seems to have disappeared. I also felt a bit of wind for the first time in a long time. I’d forgotten how it felt like. 

18.10.2043 # Audio transcript 002644

Two days ago bandits raided my building, forcing me to leave my apartment.

I’ve been on the lookout for a new place to squat. I’m currently staying at a closed office building that belongs to a company called Dvergar. I haven’t seen a single rep from them anywhere. It’s like they all disappeared into thin air.

The place has a lot of supplies and a working generator which has helped a lot. Yesterday I found a safe that was open that had a lot of papers all with the sending address “Airosaari”. Apparently they had an R&D Facility in Viikki, that was operational from 2020 to early 2043.. Just until things started to get weird in the City.

Maybe I can find some clues to what happened on the thirteenth if I go there. 

20.10.2043 # Audio transcript 002649

I’m still staying in the office. The grubs that have emerged from the lower levels of the city have started to act violently towards us living on the upper levels.

I can’t blame them for feeling oppressed. CCSH really treated them like rats and stopped them from coming up to our part of the city for a long time. The big corporates made more money by just not caring about them so they put them all in their own society to take care of themselves. Horrific to think that actually happened and no one could do anything. 

21.10.2043 # Audio transcript 002650

I’ve been seeing strange posters on the walls lately. Nobody seems to know who left them there, or what they signify, but I think whoever put them up means business.

From the roof of the office building, I saw that the huge Radio tower had fallen. I can’t bear to think how many people must have been hurt in the fall. I also wonder how I never noticed the tremors. Maybe I just slept very tight?

I found an old camera that still had one shot left. Sadly I wasted it on these posters and not the sunset with the fallen tower.

24.10.2043 # Audio transcript 002656

I’m now close to the maintenance station. Hopefully, I’ll be able to log into the Intranet from there. Though… I’m really skeptical.. I haven’t found a single working computer since the fall of the barrier.

I’ve traveled during evenings and the night to stay hidden from the grubs that roam the streets but.. oh man… I really feel like I’m in one of th… 


*Sound of crumbling concrete*


“Hey! grab my arm”

*Loud bang*

“hrnnnngh.. grab that pipe… Whew..”

“You okay?” 

“Yeah… Yea I’m fine.. Thanks for that… I really thought that was it. 

Oh, man is this still recording..? That’s gonna be inter”