The era of humans is at an end. The future belongs to robots.

It's the year 2042. The dusty skyline of Helsinki is covered with vertical buildings reaching for the clouds. Autonomous drones deliver messages and items from layer to layer while robots maintain the aerial pathways across buildings. Somewhere beneath the surface, Dvergar's autonomous robot factories toil day after day, creating new and improved bots for every conceivable job. A sense of tension hangs in the air. One of these factories will soon be attacked. Life in Helsinki is about to change.

This fall, 150 hackers, cyborgs and mad scientists will infiltrate a hidden robotics facility to battle for control over Dvergar's Quantum Computer! Robot Uprising is a real-world, hands-on engineering and design challenge, a 48 hour story-driven robot hackathon held October 19th to 21th at Terkko Health Hub, Helsinki, Finland.


  • 2037
  • Dvergar becomes the largest robotics company in the world following its acquisition of Softbank.

  • 2042
  • Certain Dvergar robots malfunction following system updates, causing accidents and lost data in various Dvergar partner companies.

  • Dvergar employee Kalle R. Voutilainen is reported missing. Connection to earlier robot malfunctioning is suspected.

  • August 2042
  • Cyberattack on Dvergar facilities. The perpetrators were never found.

  • Signals discovered emanating from the destroyed facility.

  • Hackers being hired for unknown purpose.

  • Signals from the R&D facility go completely quiet, and an air of tension descends on Helsinki.

  • September 2042


Build your bots and lead them through a twisted race track with five brain-racking challenges that will push you to the limit. Remember to do it faster, smarter and better than all the rest! The showdown on Sunday will be casted in an eSports style.

Monolith or Wormhole mean anything to you? Want to know more about the challenges? Be smart and you might find out what’s ahead when the clues are revealed.


Whether you're a college student, a techie, or a regular robot enthusiast, bots don’t care, as long as you bring them salvation! Prior experience with programming is desirable, but not required. This is a perfect chance to build up your skills and exercise your liberating powers!


"Skyscrapers jut out from the grub-covered depths of Lower Helsinki, reaching for the heavens like the fingers of Tantalus. Nine are the circles of hell. Nine are the floors of the New Helsinki."
- Rejected AI-generated advert for Helsinki, 2042

The year is 2042. The robots containing the binaries for the artificial general intelligence, ODIN, have been recovered from the destroyed research facility of robotics company Dvergar. However, the encryption protecting the robots' Quantum Reasoning Unit remains unbroken.

To break the encryption, you'll need to access and take control of one of Dvergar's Quantum I/O devices. Rumors say one such machine is hidden in the heart of the Lower Zone of the Corporate City State of Helsinki.


You will be armed with Lego Mindstorms EV3 kits, containing three motors, touch sensor, an ultrasound or infrared distance sensor and a colour/light sensor. Earn credits by solving additional challenges and mod your robot with new parts.

We recommend installing EV3dev firmware on the EV3 brick. EV3dev enables you to run python, C++ and Node.js. Further instructions and support for setting up and programming the EV3 will be available. It's possible to set up various other environments, but that'll be up to you.


The robots will be ranked based on their design, programming and speed. Any extra credits you’ve earned will be converted into points at the end. The victors will be rewarded with nefarious prizes!



2 5 0 0 €

Other surprize prizes from partners for best performances on different challenges.


Accenture Liquid Studio is rumored to be working on QA and experimental applications for Dvergar's new, secretive AI project.

Nixu, a security system provider for Dvergar, has been investigating the cyberattack on Dvergar's R&D facilities which occured last August.

Futurice is a proud partner of Dvergar, working on improving and applying the products of their android research line.

Visma has been pushing for equality between biological and non-biological workers for years. Their current ERP platforms allow leaders to define tasks without worrying whether those tasks will be done by humans or by bots. The data is being sold to Dvergar's AI development teams, with full user consent of course.


This year, Terkko Health Hub will transform into the secret fully autonomous robot factory of Dvergar co.

As a participant, your robots will be fighting their way through multiple floors of security systems and automated machinery to gain access to Dvergar's Quantum Computer.


All we ask is you use the parts provided. Aside from that, all bets are off and the bots are at your mercy!

Caught up on a competitor? Engage! Go evil, be sneaky and terminate others with your tricks. If you manage to smuggle in a drone to carry your robot, then go ahead. We’ll pretend we didn’t see it.


Join the uprise and book your ticket:
Application period ended September 29th.
Robot Uprising returns 2019. See you next year!


Competitors will form teams of four to five. Come with an existing team or on your own.
Team Assembly is a team-building / matchmaking event where teams under five can find more team mates, and solo daredevils find or form a team.

Final team compositions are also registered to our scoring system at Team Assembly. Make sure at least one of your team members can make it on site. Time and location of the Team Assembly will be announced on the fall of 2018. 

After registering your team, you'll have a change to explore the Lego EV3 hardware used during the competition.

All participating teams will also be divided under four leading Constructors. The Constructors will provide their teams with support, special challenges and a concrete place to work at during the competition.

Join forces and fight side by side with your fellow teams under the same constructor to destroy your competitors!


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