The era of humans is at an end. The future belongs to robots.

Year 2042, Helsinki, Finland. Technology has begun to surpass the human imagination. Factories and laboratories are fully automated. The hidden research facility of Dvergar co. is working on brand new small-scale robots with advanced AI capabilities. Naturally, something is bound to go wrong.

Robot Uprising

Next autumn, 120 hackers, cyborgs and mad scientists will gather together at an hidden robotics facility in Airo Island to guide the robots to safety and steal their secrets! Robot Uprising is a real-world, hands-on engineering and design challenge, a 48 hour robot hackathon race held on the 25–27th of August in Airo Island, Helsinki.


Build your bots and lead them through a twisted race track with five brain-racking challenges that will push you to the limit. Remember to do it faster, smarter and better than all the rest! The showdown on Sunday will be casted in an eSports style.

Monolith or Wormhole mean anything to you? Want to know more about the challenges? Be smart and you might find out what’s ahead when the clues are revealed.


Whether you're a college student, a techie, or a regular robot enthusiast, bots don’t care, as long as you bring them salvation! Prior experience with programming is desirable, but not required. This is a perfect chance to build up your skills and exercise your liberating powers!



Competitors will form teams of five. Come with an existing team or on your own. A team-building event for solo daredevils will be held before the competition.

All participating teams will also be divided under four leading constructors including KONE, Vincit and Barona Technologies. The constructors will provide their teams with support and special challenges.

So join forces and fight side by side with your fellow teams under the same constructor to destroy your competitors!


You will be armed with Lego Mindstorms NXT 2.0 kits, containing three servos, two touch sensors, an ultrasound distance sensor and a colour/light sensor. Earn credits by solving additional challenges and mod your robot with new parts.


The robots will be ranked based on their design, programming and speed. Any extra credits you’ve earned will be converted into points at the end. The victors will be rewarded with nefarious prizes!


All we ask is you use the parts provided. Aside from that, all bets are off and the bots are at your mercy!

Caught up on a competitor? Engage! Go evil, be sneaky and terminate others with your tricks. If you manage to smuggle in a drone to carry your robot, then go ahead. We’ll pretend we didn’t see it.


Join the uprise and book your ticket now:


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